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A Little Bit About Me...


I'm based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia and along with singing, songwriting and recording, I'm also a mother,

life-long student, lover of creative writing, art and nature,

and occasional workshop presenter/speaker.

As a songwriter and speaker, my soul-desire is to inspire and uplift my fellow human family through sharing my authenticity and insights. I hope to play a part in helping nurture people's capacity to find meaning, purpose & joy in their lives, and ultimately, to deepen the sense of oneness we are able to share with one another and all of creation.

About My Music...

My music is a fusion, like many artists. Folk, alt. country, americana... and something else in the mix there... but I still don't know what to call it after all these years.


I can tell you my tendency is to create songs that I find perfectly interesting and beautiful in their completely raw, unproduced state. But then I also love how some songs just come to life in a whole new way with delicious production.


As a songwriter and performer, I want to facilitate a kind of “breathing of the spirit”... taking people on a journey... both

musically and lyrically through the vast spectrum of human emotions and stories. I want to give people something to think about. I want to give people music that wakes them up, takes them inside their hearts, inside other people’s hearts and leaves them feeling more alive and more connected on the other side of the whole experience.


I admire artists who can write with honesty and compassion, and stand steadfast in the face of enormous pressure to be someone other than who they are.


My musical journey has meandered around and covered a great distance over the yearsI don't know exactly what official musical category I'm ultimately destined for in this life, or if I even am... but I do hope that as my personal journey continues, that it continues on towards greater courage, compassion and authenticity, and that I continue to surrender to the creative flow of the universe that seeks to express itself with and through me.